Three Knife Trimmers

250 and 318 series Three Knife Trimmers
Rosback manufactures a range of heavy-duty 3-knife trimmer to use in-line with collators, stitchers, and binders. These trimmers can also be equipped for offline use incorporating either automatic or hand feeding. Contact a Rosback sales engineer to discuss your application.

Rosback 251 Stack Feeder
The Rosback 251 Stack Feeder allows our 3-knife trimmers to independently trim Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books.

• Increased flexibility of trimmer can be used on more types of work.
• Provides faster trimming of Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books as compared to using a paper cutter variable speed from 2000 to 4100 books per hour.
• Provides more accurate trimming on Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books since books are trimmed individually.
• Can be used on both Rosback 3-knife Auto Trim and CB models and trimmers other than Rosback's

Continuous loading feeds 16-page signature booklets to 3/8-inch thick books from bottom of stack automatically, using both a vacuum plate and mechanical pusher arms for heavier books.

Permanently mounts on trimmer but is independently powered so stack feeder can be disengaged without removing, when trimmer is used with automatic stitcher on saddle stitched work. 115V., 60-cycle, single phase motors on both stack feeder and vacuum pump.

Easy to setup handles perfect bound or flat stitched books with minimum book size of 4-inch wide by 7-inch long by 1/16-inch thick. On other machines having 1/2-inch trimming capacity, maximum feeding thickness is 1/2-inches.

Rosback 252 Universal Interface Conveyor Unit
The 252 Universal Interface is a conveyor designed to go between any tower stitch/fold tower unit and Rosback 318SA Trimmer. The 252 Universal Interface accepts stitched and folded (or perfect bound) booklets inline from most tower collator finishing units and moves the booklets onward in proper synchronized time to a Rosback 3-knife trimmer. Avoid the added time, cost and problems associated with guillotining saddle-stitched books off-line. The result... perfectly trimmed and individually finished books ready for your on-demand customers.

The Rosback 252 Universal Interface also accepts perfect bound books!


Rosback 953 Pro Feeder
The Rosback 953 Pro Feeder, is a self powered, single pocket feeder, that will feed signatures...both stitched and unstitched, single sheets and glued booklets, into other equipment, at speeds up to 6500 cycles per hour. The Rosback Pro Feeder is mounted on casters. The units can be easily rolled to work stations throughout your plant.

NOTE: The 953 can be ordered with direct drive from the 250 3-knife trimmer.

Maximum production is assured because the ProFeeder feeds from the front of an automatically advanced, edge-loaded hopper, and there is no need to stop the feeder to reload the hopper whether you are feeding single sheets or signatures.

Setup normally requires less than five minutes. Load material in the hopper and hand adjust the side hopper supports to center the material.

This versatile variable speed DC drive unit feeds the largest range of stock thickness, from 16lb bond to 64pp signatures. It is no longer necessary to purchase two separate machines to feed single sheets, signatures and booklets.

Self adjusting telescoping suckers require no adjustment at the feeder even when changing over from the lightest single sheet to the heaviest signature.

The cam-closing gripper that removes the material from the hopper and carries it to the delivery guides underneath does not require adjustment either. Two sets of grippers on the feeder wheel (one every 180 deg.) assure a smooth flow of material without marking.

Two streams of air are blown into the feeder pile from the bottom for positive separation and to eliminate doubles.

This self powered single pocket feeder feeds single sheets, signatures (stitched or unstitched) and glued booklets into other equipment such as a Rosback 250 Series Trimmer. The ProFeeder is mounted on casters for easy transit throughout your plant.

Rosback 958 Auto Punch
The 958 Auto Punch is a multi-hole punching unit that adds in-line punching with Rosback finishing equipment. This eliminates time consuming and costly off-line drilling operations for even higher production. Designed for easy setup and operation.

... and the additional time and cost that goes with more trips to off-line drilling. Instead, just roll the 958 Auto Punch up to the delivery end of folders, collators, saddle-binders, trimmers, even to machines with angular deliveries like the BookletBinder Plus.

... are almost unlimited, from popular 3-hole standard and 5-hole automotive to custom combinations in between.

... up to 7500 booklets per hour.

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