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Cobra 4x4 Strike Perforating System

Rosback 4x4 Cobra STRIKE Perforating Head Finishing Equipment
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The new Rosback Cobra 4x4 Strike Perforating Head System offers versatility of perforating that no other finishing equipment system can match. The Strike Heads are individually and electronically controlled to give a multitude of strike patterns with surface speeds up to 24,000 ft/hr. This strike system can run one to four lines of perf, slits or scores with each independently adjustable for different strike patterns. Strike activities can be performed at the same time as regular perforating, slitting, scoring or micro perforating.

If your application calls for a tear-out corner coupon, return business card or an unusually centered tear-out square pattern, this system will do the job.  Click here for a few typical examples.

The 4x4 Strike Head System will work on all Rosback 223SRX, 226SRX, 240XL, 243XL & 248 Perforators. 

Cobra 4x4 STRIKE Perforating System Features:

  • Easily programmable.
  • Programmed patterns can be stored for future jobs.
  • Fast and accurate step-by-step adjustments in increments of 0.01" (0.25mm).
  • Operate up to four Strike Heads with capability of four independent striking sequences.
  • Utilizes standard Rosback slitting, perforating and micro-perforating blades.
  • Surface speeds up to 24,000 ft/hr.
  • Minimum line-to-line perforation is 2-3/4" (70mm).
  • Strike Heads and other perf tooling are mounted onto the same cutter shaft. This feature enables strike perforating and other continuous perforating activities to operate simultaneously.
  • Can be retro-fitted on all existing Rosback 240, 243 & 248 Perforators.

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