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Rosback StitchTech Saddle Stitcher Book Binding Monitoring System
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Rosback's StitchTech Book Binding Monitoring System

The Rosback StitchTech book binding monitoring system replaces the Caliper and No Book/No Stitcher system shown in the 203C Stitcher Manuals.  The StitchTech book binding monitoring system is a superior option for any Rosback Saddle Stitcher Book Binding System.

There are two operating elements in the StitchTech book binding monitoring system.   The first is a caliper that checks each booklet for missing signatures.  If a missing signature is detected, the 203F Stitcher will not stitch the detected booklet.  The second unit scans the booklet for a stitches.  The Bindery System will continue running even though a booklet is missing or incomplete.   The booklet will continue passing through the stitcher unstitched and be automatically ejected onto the stitcher delivery table.

The StitchTech book binding monitoring system provides continuous production and reduces stock waste.   Rejected books that are missing a signature are easily recovered unstitched.   If a malfunction occurs in the Feeder, any booklets arriving at the stitcher will be rejected, alerting the operator to the problem.  Once the malfunction has been corrected, the operator will not have to clear any booklets missing signatures within the Feeder and along the saddle ridge.   When restarted, the stitcher will reject all booklets that are missing signatures until complete booklets are found by the StitchTech caliper.  Normal production automatically resumes.

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