ROSBACK Stitcher Parts

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Rosback Stitcher Parts
Description Part Number


Backstop Spring 201-161 $15.00

T-Nut 201-174 $28.75

Feed Finger 201-187 $80.00

Feed Finger LH 201-188 $68.50

Delivery Drive Gear 201-208 $90.00

Hold Down Brush 201-213 $29.40

  Rear Feed Table 201-A-076 $450.00

Flat Stitch Table 201-A-102 $325.00

  Additional Stitcher Head Attachment
(less head)
201-A-110 $325.00

Centering Backstop 202-A-016 $39.25

Tire 202T-115 $24.50

Feed Finger LH Front 203-059 $68.75

Shear Bolt 203-144-1 $8.30

Feed Finger RH 203-319 $81.00

  Delivery Table Belt 311-166 $68.00

M2000 Stitcher Head CTTT2605R8 $900.00

ISP Loop Stitch Stitcher Head  CTTT2604R7 $CFQ

Rubber Washer S-0267 $1.85

Stitching Wire
(25Ga. Round - 5 lbs Spool)
S-0496 $31.00

Poly-V-Belt S-0753 $35.00

Limit Switch S-0761 $87.25

Poly-V-Belt S-0769 $37.25

Fuse S-1002 $7.50

Timing Belt S-1065 $43.25

Timing Belt (60Hz machine) S-1066 $41.00

Poly-V-Belt S-1074 $25.75

V-Belt S-1751 $22.90

V-Belt (50Hz machine) S-1752 $35.00

Control Breaker (5 amp) S-1769 $72.50

Control Breaker (2 amp) S-1770 $72.50

Timing Belt S-1797 $46.10

  Automatic Total Counting Unit S-2066 $600.00

Timing Belt (dual feeder drive) S-2330 $58.10

Hohner Universal 43/6 Stitcher Head S-2690 $1,625.00

Hohner Universal 52/8 Narrow Stitcher Head S-2601 $2,235.00