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Quick-Align Perforating Heads

Now add the Quick-Align Perforating Heads to your ROSBACK perforator. The Quick-Align Heads dramatically reduce setup-time and cutter replacement costs.

Get ahead of your production time! Get a Quick-Align head today for faster and easier cutter setups.


  • Position lower head and lock into place.
  • Insert tool into lower head to separate blades for a larger gap.
  • Align upper-head over lower-head and lower cutter between blades using the pitch lever.
  • Remove tool.
  • Turn hand wheel one or two revolutions and lock upper head.
Insert Tool between
Lower Discs
Upper Slot-Cut
Perforating Head
Burr Roller Shaft Quick-Align Lower
Perforating Head

Lower Chip Remover


  • Quickly align your upper slot heads and dramatically reduce setup time.
  • Virtually eliminate cutter damage due to misalignment at setup.
  • No experience or skill required.
  • Fits all Rosback Perforating machines.


  • 220-A-057 Upper Perf Head - 1 required
  • 220-A-075 Burr Roller - 1 required
  • 220-A-165 Quick-Align Head - 1 required
  • 220-A-166 Complete Package

  • *220-358 Quick-Align Tool

*Quick-Align Tool Sold Separately


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