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Easy-Out Perforating Shafts

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Now add the Easy-Out Perforating Shafts to your ROSBACK perforator.  The Easy-Out Shafts will immediately boost your production andů increase your profit margin.

With Easy-Out Shafts, you no longer need to remove hand wheels or disrupt any gearing. These shafts easily separate and quickly re-engage.

The Easy-Out Perforating Shafts are a perfect option on all new Rosback 220 Series Perforators and are adaptable for machines in the field. 

The Easy-Out Perforating Shaft feature is now Standard on all New Rosback 240XL Series Perforators.   For machines in the field, including older 240 models, this feature is adaptable for retro-fit.



  • Dramatically reduce setup time when a tooling change is required.
  • Retro-Fits all Rosback 220 & 240 Series Perforating machines.
    • Contact Rosback or your local dealer to get the proper retro-fit kit for your perforator.


  • Simply loosen four setscrews.
  • Pull shafts out a few inches.
  • Re-tool your machine.
  • Slide shafts back into place.
  • Re-lock the four setscrews.




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