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The Vacuum-feed Horizontal Collator... the ULTIMATE Collating Equipment Solution

The Vacuum-feed Horizontal Collator is the Ultimate Collating Equipment Solution for cost effective collating sets of every description, including calendars, posters, onetime carbon, newsprint, fabrics & vinyls, laminates, folded sections, business forms, wallpaper & floor tile samples, tabbed index cards, and yes, PAPER, in all weights and sizes. Collate virtually anything you want to put into a set.

Collating Equipment Features include:

  • Continuous loading "on the run"

  • Missing and double sheet detection system

  • Setup in seconds using no tools.

  • Variable speed to 3500 cycles/hr (depending on size of stock)

  • Stations: from 5 to 50

  • Suction Feed Collating And Finishing Systems Formats: from SRA5 to SRA1 4 x 5" (10 x 13cm) to 40 x 28-1/2" (102 x 72cm)

Collating Equipment Options include:

  • Stitch/Fold

  • Face Trim

  • 3-knife Trim

  • Gluing

  • Crash Numbering

  • Self-setting Detectors

  • Computer Programming

  • Deep Pile Feeding (16" & 32" - 40cm & 87cm)

  • Jogger

  • Deep Pile Delivery

  • Corner & Head Stitching

  • Hole Punching

  • Signature & High-speed Units

Standard and Custom machines available.


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