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TrueScore-Pro Digital Scoring System

Perfect Crack-Free Scoring on Folders and Rosback Perforators!

Now Available for Muller Cover Feeders!

The Rosback TrueScore-Pro Digital Scoring System is the best method to eliminate cracking on digitally printed stock.
Faster, easier, and more productive than any other method. No more outsourcing difficult scoring jobs.
This patent pending design is so simple to use even inexperienced operators will enjoy perfect crack-free results!

TrueScore-Pro 17pt Cover Stock TrueScore-pro TS30 Quad TrueScore-Pro image TrueScore-Pro Example Stack

How the TrueScore-Pro Works

Each kit contains a selection of color coded male scoring discs designed for a wide variety of stock. These discs are split for fast and
easy removal from the the upper head. The lower head has a selection of female grooves of varying widths. When engaged, the male
scoring disc gently stretches the fibers into the female grove, providing a deep, perfect score and crack free fold every time.

Find Out Why the TrueScore-Pro is Your Best Solution for Perfect Crack Free Scoring

Models are available for a variety of machines. Follow these links for more information:

Rosback TrueLine and 240 Series Perforators.

Baum, MBO, and Stahl Folders.

Muller Perfect Binder Cover Feeders.

For perfect bound book covers, use the Rosback TrueScore-Pro Quad to create a wide range of spine and hinge covers that won't crack.

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Order the complete kit for your Rosback Perforator in the Spare Parts Store - Part Number 220-A-203
For folders and cover feeders, call the factory for advice on selecting the correct version for your machine.

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