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ROSBACK Split-Creasing Heads

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Now add the Split Creasing Heads to your ROSBACK perforator/creaser. Quickly and easily add, remove, or relocate creasing heads anywhere along the cutter shafts. The Split Creasing Heads will dramatically reduce setup time. Even inexperienced operators will enjoy quick setup and perfect results.


  • Determine lower creasing head location for job and lock into position.
  • Fold a sheet of stock in half.
  • Raise pitch control lever.
  • Position upper head so that the creasing-edge is centered over the selected lower head groove. Place the folded stock between the heads. Lower the upper head slowly with the pitch control lever. At the same time, manually rotate the upper shaft with the hand-wheel. This will automatically align upper head in center of groove. Fasten upper creasing head setscrew while the stock is between the upper and lower heads.
  • Set desired creasing depth with the pitch control lever.

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