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Rosback 953 Pro Feeder Finishing Equipment
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Rosback 953 Pro Feeder

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The Rosback 953 Pro Feeder, is a self powered, single pocket feeder, that will feed signatures...both stitched and unstitched, single sheets and glued booklets, into other equipment, at speeds up to 6500 cycles per hour. The Rosback Pro Feeder is mounted on casters. The units can be easily rolled to work stations throughout your plant.

NOTE:  The 953 can be ordered with direct drive from the 250 3-knife trimmer.

Rosback 953 Pro Feeder Specifications:

   English Metric
Minimum Sheet/Signature Size: 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" (89 mm x 140 mm)
Maximum Hopper Capacity: 8" (203 mm)
Material Thickness: 16-lb. bond single sheets to 64-pp signatures
Exit Height from Delivery: 36" (91.5 cm)
Floor Space: 31" wide x 34" long x 57" high (79 cm) wide x (86 cm) long x (145 cm) high
Net Weight: 685 lbs. (310 kg)
Shipping Weight: 860 lbs. (390 kg)
Export Shipping Weight: 995 lbs. (451 kg)
Power: 1/3 hp - DC Drive motor - 3.5 amp
  1/4 hp - AC Vacuum pump - 5 amp (10 amp service required)
Standard electrics (Drive motor):  115V/60 HZ / 1PH*
Standard electrics (Vacuum pump): 115V/60 HZ / 1PH*

Contact ROSBACK for nonstandard electric features.

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