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860 DigiBinder


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The 860 DigiBinder and 870 DigiBinder Plus set a new standard for on demand perfect binders. Both models feature fully automated set up. Create high quality perfect bound books and pads quickly and easily. Get excellent results on all types of paper, inks, and toners. Their innovative design makes them ideal for all types of printers and binderies.

Both DigiBinder models are completely self adjusting. Bind a thin book, then a thick book, without changing any settings. The pneumatic clamp and nipper are powered by a silent compressor and automatically adjust to the book thickness. The unique heavy duty blade roughs and notches the entire book spine, providing greater surface area for adhesion. Twin glue rollers apply an even layer of glue, while a third metering roller smooths out the glue to the desired thickness. The heavy duty nipper with adjustable pressure guarantees a perfectly square backed book or pad every time.

The 870 DigiBinder Plus includes a stand with casters and a safety cover. Heavier notching pins and a vacuum waster removal system provide maximum bind strength on difficult stock. Bind one or two sample books, or a run of a thousand. Quality construction, ease of operation, and professional results make the DigiBinder and DigiBinder Plus a smart choice for any bindery.

Standard Features:

  • Auto Clamp
  • Auto Nipping
  • Notching/Roughing
  • Side Gluing Attachment
  • Tool Kit
  • Fume Exhaust

860 and 870 DigiBinder Specifications:

  English Metric
Minimum Book Thickness: 4 sheets
Maximum Book Thickness: 2" 50 mm
Maximum Spine Length: 12.5" 317.5 mm
Cycle speed, maximum: Up to 360 cycles/hour
Warm-up time: 30 minutes
Height: (860/870) 17" / 49" 432mm / 1245mm
Width: 29" 737mm
Length: 55" 1400mm
Net Weight: (860/870) 285 lbs. (476 lbs.) 130 kg (216 kg)
*Standard electrics:  220 vac - 50/60 Hz / 1 phase

*Contact ROSBACK for alternate electrical requirements.

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