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Rosback Models 620 and 623 TrueLine Perforators

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The 620 and 623 TrueLines with Rapid Change Modules produce the highest quality rotary perf and score at speeds up to 24,000 FPH, yet changeover in under a minute. Simply replace the module and the next job is ready to go. Perfect when you have jobs that repeat on a regular basis.

Rosback Model 620 True Line Perforator Specs
Maximum sheet size: 18" W x 23" L  45.7 cm x 58.4 cm
Minimum sheet size: 3" W x 3" L 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm
Rosback Model 623 True Line Perforator Specs
Maximum sheet size: 24" W x 26" L  61.0 cm x 66.0 cm
Minimum sheet size: 3" W x 3" L 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm
Minimum space between standard lines of perforation: 3/4"
(1/2" available)
1.9 cm
Standard edge margin: 3/4"
Narrow margin of 3/8" available
1.9 cm
Standard electrics (friction): 115v/60hz/1ph 5 amps*

Standard electrics (vacuum): Additional 115v/60hz/1ph 15 amp (circuit breaker required)

*Contact ROSBACK for alternate electrical requirements.

Check Out these 620 Series TrueLine Advantages:

  • No more tooling setup. Simply insert the module and go in under a minute.

  • Every job can be retained in its own module, ready to be used over and over.

  • No setup means no mistakes. Every job will run perfect every time.

  • No more damaged cutters and heads caused by inexperienced operators

Includes All of These Standard TrueLine Features:

  • Heavy duty ball bearing construction for accuracy and stability at high speeds

  • Unmatched accuracy and dependability

  • Incredibly fast production up to 24,000 FPH

  • Proven design with high reliability and low maintenance.

  • Micro adjustable infeed guides to accomodate stock irregularities

A huge variey of options to suit your process:

  • Choose from the Industries best Vacuum or Friction feed

  • Static, Conveyor, and Divided Delivery Options

  • Gap Feed Option for feeding onto a 248 or 249 Cross Perforator, or onto a right angle folder.

  • Slot Cut and Knife Cut Perforating heads

  • Micro-perf heads

  • Narrow margin 3/8" perforating heads

  • Special 1/2" slot perforating heads (between lines of perforation)

  • Slitting, Edge Slitting, and Gutter Slitting heads

  • Creasing Heads

  • TrueScore Scoring Heads

  • Special engineered heads

  • Compact Disc "CD" perf heads

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