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Rosback 251 Stack Feeder

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The Rosback 251 Stack Feeder allows our 3-knife trimmers to independently trim Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books.

  • Increased flexibility of trimmer can be used on more types of work.
  • Provides faster trimming of Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books as compared to using a paper cutter variable speed from 2000 to 4100 books per hour.
  • Provides more accurate trimming on Perfect Bound or Flat Stitched books since books are trimmed individually.
  • Can be used on both Rosback 3-knife Auto Trim and CB models and trimmers other than Rosback's.

Continuous loading feeds 16-page signature booklets to 3/8-inch thick books from bottom of stack automatically, using both a vacuum plate and mechanical pusher arms for heavier books.

Permanently mounts on trimmer but is independently powered so stack feeder can be disengaged without removing, when trimmer is used with automatic stitcher on saddle stitched work. 115V., 60-cycle, single phase motors on both stack feeder and vacuum pump.

Easy to setup handles perfect bound or flat stitched books with minimum book size of 4-inch wide by 7-inch long by 1/16-inch thick. On other machines having 1/2-inch trimming capacity, maximum feeding thickness is 1/2-inches.

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