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The Model 240XL Perforator/Scorer/Slitter is a heavy duty workhorse in a compact package. Rigid shafts and a robust shaft support system are guaranteed to produce high quality, precision output that comparable machines cannot match. Multiple up micro perforation, digital crack free scoring, slitting, and many other operations are all possible on this versatile unit. The Model 240XL has a single set of cutting shafts, while the Model 243XL has two sets for almost unlimited versatility. Both models feature a dependable top vacuum pile feeder and a variety of delivery options. Built with the structural integrity and performance capabilities that are synonymous with the name "TrueLine" – a name recognized in the industry for nearly 50 years.

Add up to four Cobra Strike Perforating Heads for the ultimate finishing system.

240 XL Perforator


  • Ball bearing construction with stronger shaft supports and heavy-duty frame.
  • Easy-Out Cutter Shafts for fast and easy tool changes.
  • Highly visible, micro adjustable side registration.
  • Perpendicular sheet deflectors to flatten and strengthen each sheet.
  • Integral total and batch sheet counter.
  • Quick set double sheet detector.
  • Convenient control panel with touch screen.
  • Independent vacuum and pressure control next to control station.
  • Standard static delivery table with optional jogger, conveyor, or receding stacker.
  • Very low maintenance, with parts made and stocked in North America.


  • 2 sets of standard perforating heads on Model 240XL (4 sets on Model 243XL)
  • 1 set of standard scoring heads on Model 240XL (2 sets on Model 243XL)
  • 2 sets of drive rollers on Model 240XL (4 sets on Model 243XL)
  • 1 set of tools
  • 4 extra perforating blades


  • TrueScore-Pro Scoring Heads
  • Micro perforating heads
  • Slitting, edge slitting, and gutter slitting heads
  • Slot and knife cut perforating heads
  • Extra wide scoring heads
  • Special engineered heads
  • Narrow margin 3/8" perforating heads
  • Special 1/2" slot perforating heads (between lines of perf)
  • Delivery dividers

Video shown with 248 Right Angle Perforator

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Model 240XL and 243XL Perforator Floor Plan

: Model 240XL Model 243XL
Maximum Sheet Size: 30 in x 30 in (76cm x 76cm)
Minimum Sheet Size: 7.50 in x 7.50 in (19cm x 19cm)
Minimum Space Between Standard Lines of Score: 0.25 in (0.63cm) Unlimited
Minimum Space Between Lines of Perforation: 0.75 in (1.9cm), Special 0.50 in available Unlimited
Standard Edge Margin: 0.75 in (1.9cm), Special 0.38 in Narrow Margin Available
Maximum Drive Speed: 24,000 Feet per Hour (7315 Meter per Hour)
Length: 114 in (290cm)
Width: 45 in (114cm)
Height: 50 in (127cm)
Net Weight: 1165 lbs (528kg) 1205 lbs (546kg)
Shipping Weight: 1490 lbs (675kg) 1555 lbs (705kg)
Shipping Weight (export): 1660 lbs (753kg) 1725 lbs (782kg)

Actual weight may vary depending on equipment

Standard electrics: 230v/60hz-3ph 30 Amp Contact Rosback for alternative electrical supplies

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Spare parts are available online in our Perforator Spare Parts Store.


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