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Rosback Model 223 SR True Line Perforators

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This deluxe heavy-duty true line Vacuum-Fed Perforator has been designed for quality, high production & precision perforating with side registration and sheet strengthening deflectors.  Can also do scoring and slitting on stocks ranging from 9 lb. manifold to 1/16" board.  Another perfect choice for your finishing equipment needs.

Rosback Model 223 SR True Line Perforator Specs
Minimum sheet size:

5" x 4.6"

12.7cm x 11.7cm

Maximum sheet size:

26" x 26"

66 cm x 66 cm

Minimum Line Spacing:
Between lines of perforation: 3/4"
(1/2" available)
1.9 cm
Between Score/Crease:

1/4" (6.4 mm) Standard

1/4" (6.4 mm) Standard

Standard edge margin: 3/4"
Narrow margin of 3/8" available
1.9 cm
Length, front to back:


264 cm

Width, side to side:


99 cm



107 cm

Net weight:

620 lbs.

281 kg

Shipping weight:

1150 lbs.

522 kg

Export shipping weight:

1350 lbs.

612 kg

Standard electrics: 120 vac, 60 Hz, 1Ph, 5 amp (slow-blow recommended)*
Pump Supply 120 vac, 60 Hz, 1Ph, 15 amp (circuit breaker required)*
Cycle Speed: Feet per hour

Up to 24,000

*Contact ROSBACK for alternate electrical requirements.

*Contact Rosback for alternate electrical requirements
Design Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

Unique SR Series True Line Perforator Features:

  • Ergonomically located operating controls
  • Vacuum Feeding eliminates marking sensitive stock
  • Separate vacuum and pressure controls enhance performance
  • Speeds up to 24,000 feet/hr
  • 100% accurate registration system including sheet deflectors and micrometer dial for angular adjustments
  • Quickly add or remove heads
  • Run up to 10 heads
  • Handles materials ranging from 9-lb. onionskin to 1/16" board

Upgrade to an SRX with these added features:

  • Complete operator control with programmable sheet feeding
  • Standard total & batch counter
  • Ability to Strike Perforate
  • Add a conveyor delivery
  • Add a cross/right angle perforating unit

Finishing Equipment Accessories:

Spare parts are available in our Perforator Spare Parts Store.


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