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Pitch Adjustment                        Perf Head Micro Adjustment                        Side Table Lock

Single graduated lever provides the operator with adjustable depth control when scoring and creasing, and automatically adjusts the shaft supports on the 26" machine. Micrometer side-guide adjustment moves the perforation pattern up to 3/8" either direction from center without repositioning the perforating heads Vertical knob is a positive T-slot that secures the side-guide position while loading the stock onto the feed table.

Horizontal spring loaded side-guide angles adjustment to compensate for stock variation.

Precision Side Guide Lock                        Speed Dial                        Dual Function Vacuum Pump & Blower

Side guide pivot pin maintains precise accuracy when adjusting for stock variation.

Large front side-guide locking knob for fast, easy and accurate setup.

Conveniently located variable speed DC motor control allows the operator to select the best running speed for paper and job requirements ranging from 1,000 to 24,000 feet per hour. Dual function vacuum pump and blower provide maximum performance for a wide range of jobs.

Vacuum Feed Head                                                    Friction Feed Head

Vacuum feeding from bottom is achieved by Rosback's unique combination of adjustable air blast separation, and automatic vacuum pick-up.  Retro-fit vacuum kits are available. Positive dual friction feed rollers with single micrometer adjustment.  Feeds stock from the bottom without fanning for continuous operation.

Perf Heads                                                    Pressure Sensitive Slitting Attachment

Narrow margin 3/8" perforating heads with burr roller. Pressure sensitive slitting attachment.
(One on 220) (up to three on 223)


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