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Model 220B and 223B TrueLine Perforator/Scorer/Slitters are the fastest, most accurate machines in their class. Heavy duty frames and shafts are guaranteed to produce high quality, precision output that competing machines cannot match. Variable speeds up to 24,000 feet per hour make short work of large jobs. Micro perforation, digital crack free scoring, slitting, and many other operations are quick and easy on these versatile units. The Model 220B has 20" cutting shafts, while the Model 223B has 26" shafts and shaft supports for demanding applications. Models are available in both friction and vacuum feed, and feature a variety of delivery options. Built with the structural integrity and performance capabilities that are synonymous with the name "TrueLine" – a name recognized in the industry for nearly 50 years.

220B Perforator


  • Precision adjustable depth control for scoring and perforating
  • Micrometer side-guide adjustment
  • Micrometer skewing adjustment with positive lock
  • Variable speed from 1000 to 24,000 FPH
  • Large safety handwheel for ease and convenience
  • Standard static delivery
  • Very low maintenance, with parts made and stocked in North America.



  • 2 sets of standard perforating heads with burr rollers
  • 1 set of standard scoring/creasing heads
  • 2 sets of drive rollers for sheet control
  • 1 set of tools
  • 8 extra perforating blades
  • Upper and Lower Shaft Supports (Model 223 only)



Vacuum Feed Head Friction Feed Head Pitch Adjustment Perf Head Micro Adjustment Side Table Lock

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These heavy-duty machines produce high quality perforated, scored, and slit sheets and are suitable for small runs or high production. Over 100 years of Rosback engineering experience guarantee that our equipment will surpass the competition in quality of output, durability, and value. Our feeders will effectively handle stock from 9 lb. manifold to 1/16" board.  Our perforating assemblies will produce clean, attractive, tag free perforations in a wide variety of formats, including slot-cut, knife-cut, and micro-perforation styles. Our scoring heads will produce high quality, crack-free scores on cards, book covers, and mailers, at speeds other systems cannot match. Slitters, edge slitters, and gutter slitters, along with highly precise pressure sensitive slitting attachments, round out the capabilities of these versatile machines. We routinely provide engineered solutions for special applications and invite you to call and speak to one of our specialists about your unique application.

Specifications Model 220B Model 223B
Maximum sheet size 20" x 23" (50.8cm x 58.4cm) 26" x 26" (66.0cm x 66.0cm)
Minimum sheet size 3" x 3" (7.6cm x 7.6cm)
Minimum space between standard lines of perforation: 3/4" (1.9cm)
1/2" (1.3cm) available)
Standard edge margin 3/4" (1.9cm)
Narrow margin of 3/8" (0.95cm) available
Length 55" (140cm) 61" (155cm)
Width 32" (81cm) 38" (96cm)
Height: 42" (107cm) 44" (112cm)
Net weight Friction / Vacuum 275 lbs / 365lbs 335lbs / 425 lbs
Shipping weight Friction / Vacuum 366 lbs / 450 lbs 423 lbs / 515 lbs
Export shipping weight Friction / Vacuum 430 lbs / 520 lbs 520 lbs / 625 lbs
Standard electrics Friction 115v/60hz/1ph 5 amp
Standard electrics Vacuum 115v/60hz/1ph 5 amp plus additional 115v/60hz/1ph 15 amp

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