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Rosback Model 218 "Bobcat" Table Top Perforator

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Where space is of the essence, this 18-inch Perforator offers that and more. Built with the structural integrity and performance capabilities that are synonymous with the name "True Line" – a name recognized in the industry for nearly 50 years. Get an accurate and quality performance for your short run needs.

Rosback Model 218 True Line Perforator Specs
Maximum sheet size: 18" x 18"  45.7 cm x 45.7 cm
Minimum sheet size: 2.5" x 3"  6.3 cm x 7.6 cm
Min space between lines of perf: 3/4" standard
(1/2" available)
1.9 cm standard
(1.3 cm available)
Length: 42" 106.6 cm
Width: 27" 68.5 cm
Height: 10.5" 26.6 cm
Net weight: 100 lbs. 45.3 kg
Shipping weight: 140 lbs. 63.5 kg
Export shipping weight: 190 lbs. 86.2 kg
Standard electrics

115vac/60hz/1ph 4 amps*

*Contact ROSBACK for alternate electrical requirements.


  • Versatile – can slot-cut and knife-cut perforate, score, micro perf and slit
  • Run up to 5 heads, easy to add or remove
  • Perf heads have built-in chip removers
  • Positive pickup friction feeder with molded drive rollers
  • Variable speeds up to 15,000 fph
  • Simple to operate with see through cover
  • Lateral guide adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low maintenance


  • 1 set of perforating heads with burr rollers
  • 1 set of scoring/creasing heads
  • 2 sets of drive rollers
  • 1 set of tools
  • 4 extra perforating blades


  • Slitting heads
  • Micro perf heads
  • Extra wide scoring heads
  • Special engineered heads
  • Knife-cut snap-out cutters
  • TrueScore Scoring Heads
  • Narrow margin 3/8" perforating heads
  • Special 1/2" slot perforating heads (between lines of perf)

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