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203F Saddle Sticher
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Model 203F Book Binding Saddle Stitcher

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The 203F Saddle Stitcher is a fully automatic, medium to high-speed, heavy-duty Saddle Stitcher.  This Saddle Stitcher handles books or pamphlets from 2 sheets up to 3/16" thick (approximately 60 pages) 3" x 5" to 12-1/2" x 15".   This is the ideal choice for increased productivity.  Purchase this Saddle Stitcher now and add a Feeder and/or Trimmer later as demand increases.

The 203F Stitcher is equipped with a variable speed inverter drive.  This inverter drive feature helps the automated timing sequence to the trimmer.  The Saddle Bindery System speed is now adjustable by a single twist of a dial.

203F Book Binding Saddle Stitcher Specs




Maximum book size: 12-1/2" x 15" 318 x 381 mm
Minimum book size: 3" x 5" 76 x 127 mm
Maximum stitch space
(center to center):
9-3/4" 247 mm
Minimum stitch space
(center to center):
2-1/8" 54 mm
Minimum overlap (feeder): 1/4" 6.35 mm
Maximum stitch thickness: 3/16" 4.75 mm
Maximum trim thickness
(finished booklet):
3/8" 9.5 mm

Cycling speed
(production speed):

1800 to 5000 B.P.H. - up to 4300 booklets/hr*



Finishing Equipment Accessories:

  • Additional stitcher heads - machine comes equipped with 2 heads but can be used with up to 4 stitching heads

  • Hohner Stitching Heads

  • 213 Saddle Extension (Allows up to 6 assembly stations)

  • CE package (machine complies to "CE" mark requirements)
    Mandatory in European Community

Need Automation?

Upgrade your book binding saddle stitcher finishing equipment by adding a trimmer and feeder to create the 318 Reliant Book Binding Saddle Binder System.  The Rosback 318 Saddle Binding System includes a 6-pocket Auto-Feeder and the popular 3-Knife single book Auto-Trimmer.  Rosback recently introduced the 318 LYNX Book Binding Saddle Binder System that includes a space-saving 4-pocket Auto-Feeder and the popular 3-knife single book Auto-Trimmer.

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